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edOpp Workforce Development Programs

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Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Advance in Your Career

Our curriculum provides Integrated Education and Training (IET) for students to secure industry relevant
certification, obtain or retain employment within an occupational area, and/or advance to higher levels of future education.

Learning Experiences That Matter

We specialize in innovative, interactive, and intensive learning experiences that integrate AEL Activities contextualized for Workforce Training and Workforce Preparation Activities for in-demand or targeted occupation or cluster.

Professional Learning Facilitators

A facilitator’s job is to ensure that a group is fully engaged and working effectively toward a defined outcome. Our programs are run by a team of expert facilitators knowledgeable in various subject matters located throughout the US.

Our Certification Programs

Workplace & Business Essentials Program

ACT National Career Readiness

The Workplace & Business Essentials Program is focused on providing participants with training in key employability skills.

Students obtain a stackable credential that is a key component of credentialing programs in industries, such as energy, construction, and IT. In addition, students pursuing higher education are eligible for college credit because the ACT NCRC demonstrates college-level competency.

Customer Service & Sales Program

National Retail Federation Customer Service & Sales Certified Specialist

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As a Customer Service & Sales Certified Specialist, you will master customer service and sales skills, including understanding the customer life cycle, developing effective strategies to engage customers, assessing customer needs, and closing sales.

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Administrative & Office Professionals Program

Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence by the American Society of Administrative Professionals

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The American Society of Administrative Professionals is an internationally recognized certification that allows administrative professionals to demonstrate their mastery of skills, dedication to their career, and commitment to learning.

This program will provide the basics of workplace administration as well as how to begin and grow a successful career as an administrative professional.

Transforming How Organizations Operate

Organizations with the best chance to succeed and thrive in the future are learning organizations.