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edOpp Offers Digital Learning after COVID-19 closures

A lot has changed rapidly since the emergence of COVID-19, including the declaration of state and national emergencies, international travel restrictions, the cancellation of events locally and nationally, and a sudden and widespread emphasis on working from home to slow the spread of this harmful new virus. Yet, the work of edOpp Solutions LLC goes on even as we exercise caution amid the coronavirus pandemic to protect our team and clients. Although our physical location is closed for classes, we continue to offer our workplace learning and industry certification programs online.

At edOpp, we are optimizing digital learning for the workplace.

For over 10 years, edOpp Solutions has developed a key capability in designing and facilitating interactive, intensive, and innovative online learning experiences. With the shift to managing remote and virtual teams, now is the time to review how your training and coaching programs and/or classes can be conducted in our new digital learning platform, edOpp GOLive!

We know the COVID-19 pandemic has placed unexpected stresses on your workforce. And we want to let you know we are here to help your team work and learn remotely:

Online courses available to help employees work effectively from home: Managing Remote & Virtual Teams, e-Leadership: Leading in the Digital Environment, Digital Literacy & Communications Skills, Increased Productivity in a Virtual Environment, Collaborative DigiTeams, and Transforming HR Online are just a few of the courses available to help your workforce increase their productivity.

Transitioning your current edOpp face-to-face classes and coaching sessions to our new edOpp GOLive! Digital Learning Platform: Our platform is equipped with a live instructor who will engage your team in interactive activities, polls, chats, whiteboarding, virtual breakout rooms, and more! Also, included are manager dashboards to monitor employee attendance and performance, branded email communications for your company, and learning plans.

Customizing classes based on your current workforce needs: One of our most unique capabilities is our ability to align your organization’s purpose with quality, relevant content for a customized learning experience. As our world changes rapidly, your organization’s learning and development goals may change. We are available to help you identify the goals, strategy, and learning needs of your workforce. Once identified, these courses can be customized and facilitated online.

Certifying your team’s skills while working remotely: We offer online, fast-track certification programs in Customer Service & Sales, Administrative & Office Professionals, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Bookkeeper & Accounting Clerk, Microsoft Office Technology, Adobe Certified Associate, and Job Readiness & Employability Skills to help your team secure industry relevant certification, obtain or retain employment within an occupational area, and/or advance to higher levels of future education. Now, is an excellent time to advance the level of knowledge, skills, and competencies to maintain a high performing workforce.

We value our clients and their workforce. edOpp demonstrates the flexibility and responsiveness this public health crisis demands. It is important to keep the momentum going on your organization’s current learning goals and initiatives to ensure your workforce has a feeling of normalcy during these times. Digital learning is able to remove barriers with time and space to ensure your workforce is connected, engaged, and productive. To learn more about our online courses, transitioning your current edOpp program to our edOpp GOLive! digital learning platform, or content customization, please visit our website at or call 832-429-7049.

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