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Closing the skills gap requires transformational learning. Level up with customized learning to skill, upskill, and re-skill your workforce.

The workplace is more than a place to work. It is a place to learn and innovate. Whether you are facing an organizational transformation to shape a new culture, looking for training to reinforce a change in process for one department,  or want to provide front‑line employees with soft skills, we are your partner to create and facilitate learning experiences that are the right fit for your organization.


What is Workplace Learning?

Sometimes you need additional support to meet the needs of your workforce. edOpp partners with HR/OD departments and training companies to aid in the deployment of workplace learning to support multiple-site and large-scale delivery. Our nationwide team of Learning Facilitators possesses the diverse subject matter expertise to successfully deliver and facilitate a wide range of skill areas.  

Training Facilitation to Support Your Needs

Digital learning removes barriers to time, place, path, and place for employees making learning more flexible, accessible, and achievable. Our edOpp GOLive! Digital Learning Platform provides live online class, communications, and a highly interactive experience. We provide data analytics reporting to measure participant level of learning performance and engagement.

Optimize Digital Learning


To get significant learning results, you need to align quality content with the organization’s purpose. The edOpp P5 Content Development Methodology is a process infused with our proprietary and industry frameworks on instructional design. We are experts in adult learning to create an innovative, interactive, and intensive learning experience that results in changed behavior and job transfer for your employees.

Expert Content Development

Discover the learning path for your organization!



CORE courses are designed for employees to gain the fundamentals of the workplace such as communications, customer service, professionalism, time management, and teamwork. These courses are ideal for entry-level or frontline employees. Employees will learn how to manage self, work with others, and work effectively.

*When requesting more info, please tell us your name, position, and company name.



IMPACT courses are developed for mid-level managers,  supervisors, or experienced individual contributors responsible for teams or projects to enhance their collaboration and communication. Based on their role expanding to being accountability to teams, these courses will help managers develop people, manage operations, and improve performance.

*When requesting more info, please tell us your name, position, and company name.



The STRATEGIC level is specifically created for directors, senior/executive, or C-suite leaders seeking strategies with an enterprise or global view. As the complexity of the organization increases and the demands on leaders grow, these courses provide the latest in industry research and best practices to enhance leadership, foster team alignment, navigate the organization, and teach leadership.

*When requesting more info, please tell us your name, position, and company name.

Learning Programs


For those organizations seeking a transformational change, we offer cohort-based Learning Programs to build and deepen the learning culture. Programs are available in a various content areas such as transformational leadership, supervisory skills, performance management, diversity and inclusion, customer experience, and team cohesion. Programs vary between 6 to 12 months and include learning consulting, assessments, coaching, monthly courses, capstone project and class assignments, participant tools and resources, and administrative support. Programs can be customized to your organization's needs and delivered onsite, online, or in hybrid formats.

*When requesting more info, please tell us your name, position, and company name.

Client Customization


We are learning and strategy at work! Our core capability that distinguishes us from other vendors and individuals is our expertise to combine the art of learning with the power of business strategy. This capability means we can customize and/or modify training curriculum to meet the diverse needs of our clients and their workforce.  edOpp has served as the subject matter expert understanding the needs of various companies and industries to customize content based on their culture and business outcomes.

*When requesting more info, please tell us your name, position, and company name.

Team Building

Teambuilding (2).png

For a unique learning experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom, our clients enjoy our various teambuilding programs. Our approach to teambuilding is an experiential learning experience held offsite or even in the outdoors in which participants learn by doing fun, hands-on activities and engage in critical reflection. By challenging people to step outside of their comfort zone, these experiences result in deeper levels of trust, collaboration, and connection among teams.

*When requesting more info, please tell us your name, position, and company name.

Our Credibility


Our assessments are informative and powerful learning tools for employees at all organizational levels. The online assessments are delivered efficiently and securely. Our robust assessment library provides a centralized data collection process; the ability to manage and track participant progress and completion; access scores immediately and control the release of results; and easily create personalized, full-color interpretive reports for staff.

Society for Human Resource Management

edOpp Solutions LLC is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society, representing 300,000 members in more than 165 countries. We provide quality educational opportunities to support the recertification efforts of HR professionals. Discover our SHRM classes here.


With over 10 years of experience partnering with government agencies, we understand workforce needs, operational best practices, and the complexities of state and federal regulations.  From skills in leading change to developing talent, we have customized learning programs that provide employees and supervisors with the tools, strategies, and action plans to meet and exceed performance outcomes and compliance standards.

Best Startup Texas
Top 49 Training Company

We're recognized as one of the Top 49 Corporate Training Companies in Texas based on our proven track record, executive leadership, market share, and innovation. Our team brings over 30 years of industry experience and delivers a track record of transforming Workplace Learning. Our executive leadership team founded this company to help employees at every level of the organization to work with purpose. We are making a big impact on Texas and throughout the US to upskill today’s workforce.

We are proud to have the following client partners on our mission to change the way people work through educational opportunities.

“We would like to say thank you to edOpp for your commitment for reintroducing the knowledge/skills that’s required to be successful in any form. Your efforts in organizing a curriculum that has a solid foundation is outstanding! Our team absorbed the information and transferred it to our job functionality.”

-Client Partner, Director 

“The class was great! I learned a lot and I know there is room to improve. I believe that what I've learned can be applied in the workplace and in my personal life, which I truly appreciate."


-Participant in Developing Trust With Others Course 

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know what an excellent class it was with an excellent instructor. I learned so much in the class. I've taken classes prior to this and they didn't compare. The instructor was so engaging, funny, kept it interesting the entire time, and gave me so much to apply to my job and personal life." 

-Participant in Emotional Intelligence: Unleash Your Power course 

“The preparation, active listening, and energy level brought to the all-staff conference was more than I hoped for. Location research, personalized references, humor, and ability to read the room and mood made all the difference between a boring training and a fun, energizing day for over 300 people.” 

-Participant in Building Relationships That Work course 

edOpp GOLive!

edOppGOLive! Digital Learning Platform

Our programs are 100% synchronous learning with a live instructor in real-time both for our online and hybrid program formats. We believe synchronous learning provides tremendous benefits to participants such as increased engagement, collaboration, and connection. The digital learning platform features a “live” facilitator, interaction, virtual learning activities, and games with the required space, technology, backdrop, and acoustics to maximize effectiveness, and comply with ADA accessibility requirements. Our digital learning model integrates technology to boost learning, improve digital literacy, and deliver business impact.

Online Learning Experience

From attending classes to completing assessments and assignments to participating in online discussions, students will be immersed in a digital learning environment throughout the program. Our Learning Facilitators engage students, provide feedback, review scores, and track progress to ensure learning outcomes are achieved. Participants will need access to a laptop and/or computer lab or mobile device, microphone and/or headset, and internet connection. edOpp will collaborate with our client partners to identify participants’ technology needs.

Learning Management Features

Backed by the power of one of the top award-winning LMS platforms, our online classroom environment is a high-quality option that is packed with powerful tools, customizable content, and best-in-class service and support. Our platform features ubiquitous access for PC, Linux, & Mac; Instructor/Student Webcams; Whiteboards; Digital Breakout Rooms, Discussion Chat, Audio/Visual, Student Interaction Buttons, Editable and interactive recordings, Attendance data management, FileBox for sharing student workbook and resources, Customized communications to participants, and Online Course Evaluations.

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