Student Support

Information and resources to enhance your digital learning experience

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Review each section below before your class starts to ensure a successful online learning experience:

General Tips

  • Close most programs that might ping the internet when using Zoom

    • Ex. having Outlook, multiple browsers (each with multiple tabs) and other programs open will drastically reduce connectivity

  • Minimum recommended internet speed is 1.0 Mbps/600kbps for optimal connection

  • Whenever possible, use a hardwired internet connection

    • If using Wi-Fi, be as close to the router as possible

  • If you get disconnected from the meeting, lose your microphone or audio, camera freezes or the session is lagging:

    • Close all other Internet windows and re-enter the meeting room using the class link

  • You may want to bookmark this Student Support Page, so you can help yourself when technical issues appear.

  • Test out your internet speed by using this free speed test provided by Ookla.


​Adobe Connect Resources


  • Have questions regarding some of the ADA accessibility features? See below:

    • Real-time closed captioning will be present

    • Keyboard shortcut access on the user's end

    • Menu navigation add-in support for quick menu swapping

    • and more!

Mobile Learning Resources 

While the best online experience in the virtual classroom is through ​​the Computer Desktop/Laptop application, Adobe Connect is available on mobile devices as well. When joining your class through the class link, select Open in Browser and Remember my Choice.


Digital Accessibility

  • Our learning platforms and trainings follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines by providing user friendly accessibility features that can assist anyone who may have impairment. To fully take advantage of these features, please email if you need accommodations!

Cengage MindTap Resources


  • Need guidance on how to find and enroll in your course using Cengage MindTap? See the QuickStart Guide here!

  • Find out how to use the MindTap interface and all of the features on the platform by following your device's Instruction Manual below:

  • Translate to your preferred language by following this video on how to use Google Translate:













Browsers & Adobe Flash




Microphones & WebCams

You may also need to look for the documentation for your microphone or webcam.




Pop-Up Blockers

Ever click on a link and nothing happens? It could be a pop-up blocker. Use the following process depending on your operating system:

  • On a PC, hold down your Ctrl key and then click on the link.

  • On a Mac, hold down your Command key and click on the link.

For a more permanent fix, see your browser's pop-up blocker settings for more details: ChromeFirefoxSafariInternet Explorer, or Edge.