Our Facilitators

Crystal L.
Johnson-Bessix, Ph.D

Learning Facilitator

A champion for the workforce with over 15 years of experience aligning leadership, talent management, and teaching expertise to transform people, processes, and performance. Expertise in strategic planning, design expertise, and  team dynamics.

Business Professional Photo Image.png
Techeira, M.A.

Learning Facilitator

Results-driven leader whose 15 years of directorial experience has focused on leadership development, and workforce training to bring a positive change to organizations.

Expertise in curriculum development, business consulting, and conflict management.

Lanier headshot.jpg
Lanier, M.S

Learning Facilitator 

Proven leader with a passion for building successful relationships, and helping others reach their fullest potential. Expertise in virtual teams, business strategy, sales management and business writing.

Bruce Oneal headshot.jpg
O'Neal, Ph.D

Learning Facilitator

Facilitator with proven expertise in integrated marketing, communications, technology, with an emphasis on digital and social media communication and cross-media engagement. Expertise in web content management, marketing, and branding.

Alane Sanchez Head Shot.jpg
Sanchez, MBA

Learning Facilitator

Business development professional focused in Finance and Organizational Leadership. Her expert leadership qualities allow her to motivate and include students from any background into the learning experience.  Expertise in performance improvement, employee development, and finance.

Kenya Edwards - Headshot.png
Edwards, MHRM

Learning Facilitator

Facilitator whose masterful use of communication can organically build strong relationships with every learner which translates to their professional and personal growth. Expertise in learner relations, organizational effectiveness, and diversity studies.

Tawana Horton_headshot.jpeg
Horton, MHSM

Learning Facilitator

With over 10 years of managerial experience experience in risk management and healthcare, Tawana cultivates a welcoming environment with her students through relationship building. Expertise in problem resolution, human relations, customer service.


Learning Facilitator & Performance Coach

Facilitator and Coach who brings with her over 35 years of solving complex problems and building high performance teams. Expertise in process improvement, sales leadership, performance management, and customer service.

Ana Smith pic.jpg
Smith, M.S.

Learning Facilitator

Impact-driven, multicultural facilitator whose 25 years of experience in organizational analysis, planning and execution has transformed companies and employees alike. Expertise in talent development, action learning, and mentoring.

KPB Yellow.jpg
Powell-Byerly, M.Ed.

Performance Coach

Coach whose 15 years of experience in the human consulting and development services has transformed employees due to her love for people, humble spirit and joyful personality. Expertise in family counseling, mental health, and crisis intervention.

Ninfa - Headshot.jpg
Escobar, Ph.D

Learning Facilitator

With over 14 years of experience in the eduction and healthcare field, this facilitator puts her students first by understanding the issues and determining the right training strategy per class. Expertise in employee engagement, performance improvement, 

and leadership strategies.

Santos, M.A.

Learning Facilitator

Facilitator with diverse experience exceeding student and coworker expectations alike while working in the business and education fields over the past 15 years. Expertise in bilingualism, conflict resolution, and financial budget.

Cyntrell Legette.jpg
Legette, MBA

Learning Facilitator

Empathetic & driven facilitator with over 14 years of experience in the eduction and counseling field. Cyntrell dedicates her time to working through solutions with a diverse background of students. Expertise in quality assurance, counseling, 

and professional development.

Jaleesa Randle_headshot.jpg
Randle, MBA

Learning Facilitator

Professional with 6 years of hiring and data-tracking experience in human resources and business. Jaleesa makes connections with the curriculum and students to create an intense and welcoming learning experience. Expertise in change management, strategic planning, and data analytics .

Faythe Redenburg Headshot.jpg
Faythe Redenburg, MBA

Learning Facilitator

With over 27 years of experience in the education system, directing and engaging in experiences that lead to a positive outcome in student's lives has been a driving force in Faythe's career. Expertise in program management, conflict management, and directorial leadership.