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Why Instructor-Led Learning Experiences are the Best Value

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

There are many training options available to meet your workforce needs. Face-to-face, instructor-led training (ILT) may be the best scenario to tackle challenges with team dynamics, communications, change management, or culture. With real-life, hands-on interactivity, and the opportunity to create an intense and innovative learning environment, instructor-led learning experiences are delivered at the best value for best engagement and highest level of behavior transformation. In a physical classroom with a live, in-person instructor, you can be assured that employees will receive the attention they need to truly learn a new skill and gain new perspectives. Students emerse in transformational activities that changes behavior and challenges thinking in an environment with fewer distractions. Organizations gain higher return on their investment as potential missteps are spotted and corrected in class before it costs money and time on the job.

In addition, Instructor-Led Learning Experiences offers an opportunity to customize the learning. Content can be created in real-time to solve pressing workforce challenges. During the course, the edOpp team is flexible and adaptable to customize content, re-emphasize concepts, or expand on new theories to connect to the relevance of the challenges discussed. This approach enables employees to take ownership of the challenge and generate new ideas and solutions.

At edOpp, we are experts in creating content that transforms your purpose, people, processes, and performance. For cost-effective training with the best value and best opportunity for students' undivided attention, choose in-person ILT at edOpp Solutions. To learn more about edOpp Solutions’ Workplace Learning Experiences, check out

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